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Barclays Home Insurance

Barclays Home Insurance

Barclays Buildings and Contents Home Insurance


Home insurance
that's full of surprises

Barclays Home Insurance covers the things you expect, plus quite a lot more you might not. So, before you renew your current policy, ask yourself if it gives you all this:

• Contents cover that Barclays Home Insurance automatically increase by £3,000 during December and 30 days before and after your wedding, to cover any expensive gifts you might have in the house
• Third party liability for people and property — so if, for example, your son accidentally kicks a football through your next-door neighbour's window, Barclays Home Insurance will pay for the repairs and cover your legal liability, to a value of £2 million
• Buildings insurance that's rated five-star by Defaqto, an independent market research company. This puts Barclays Home Insurance Buildings cover in the top ten per cent of the market for quality cover
• Generous no-claims discounts of up to 20% on buildings and up to 50% on contents
• UK-based claims lines open 24 hours a day, 355 days a year


Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited Is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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