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0% interest on balance transfers* for up to 15 months

*3% handling fee on introductory balance transfers

Here's an offer that's hard to ignore. Transfer any card, overdraft or loan balances to Egg Credit Card and EggCard will give you 0% until 1 May 2009 (3% fee) on those balances. That's a fantastic deal of up to 15 months at 0% - you don't get that every day.

10% off Egg Travel Insurance

Pay for your Egg Travel Insurance with your Egg Credit Card and we'll give you a 10% discount.

0% on new purchases for up to 3 months

And as if 0% on balance transfers wasn't enough, use your Egg Card and you won't have to pay a penny in interest on new purchases for up to 3 months after you've opened your Egg account. No matter what you want to buy.

The Eggcard Aniversary offer - 0% on balance for up to 5 months in February 2011

In your anniversary month (the month you opened your account) we'll offer you this great rate. After this period ends, EGGcard will pay your standard rate current at that time.

And again - 0% on balance transfers for up to 5 months in February 2011

Stick around with Eggcard for another year and Egg credit card will give you another anniversary offer - you'll get 0% for up to 5 months on any balance transfers you make in February 2011 as well.

Massive rewards when you shop online has secured great deals with a range of online retail partners such as 20% off at or 15% off at So, why go out when you can save time and money shopping securely straight from your screen?

Introducing Egg Money Manager

On top of all this, with Eggcard, managing your money couldn't be easier thanks to Egg Money Manager. See all your online account
balances on one screen and with one password, whether they're with Egg or not. Safe, secure and covered by the Egg guarantee.

16.9% APR typical variable on Egg Credit Card

Apply for your card right now at

16.9% APR - Eggcard typical variable Important information: For new accounts. EGG card interest rates are 0% fixed on purchases for until 6 months After this the interest rate will be the applicable standard variable rate. Introductory or promotional rates are subject to you making your required monthly payments on time and keeping within your credit limit. If you fail to do so, we may charge the standard variable annual rate for the relevant transactions instead of the introductory or promotional rate. Obtaining foreign currency, travellers cheques or postal orders is treated as a cash advance, not a purchase. For purchases made after 1 May 2008 and balance transfers made after 1 May 2009, the interest rate will be the standard variable rate current at that time. Tor introductory rate balance transfers there is a handling fee, currently 3% on each transferred balance. —For the anniversary offer, them is a handling tee, currently 2.5%. The variable rate for cash advances is 22.9°/s pa or 25.9%. For cash advances there is a 3% handling fee (minimum £3). All rates and fees are correct as at 1 February 2008. The APR and interest rates that you get will depend on the information that you supply and we obtain about your personal circumstances, including your credit history. Repayments are monthly, with a minimum payment of the full outstanding balance if less than £5, but otherwise the greater of (1) £5 or (2) 2,/v of the Revolving balance or (3) interest plus repayment protection premium plus £5 or 2% of each transferred balance. For allocation of payments to your account, please refer to the Egg Card summary box on Other charges are £2 for paper statements. A variable amount will be charged for other non- standard services provided. Minimum credit limit £500. Maximum balance transfer permitted is up to 95% of your available credit. Minimum balance transfer is £100. **Anniversary offer available in February 2010 and February 2011 for new accounts only, subject to compliance with Egg Card agreement terms and conditions. Egg Travel Insurance only offers travel insurance products of AXA Insurance plc (reg no 78950) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Egg Money Manager requires a PC or Apple Macintosh computer running a Windows operating system (OS) with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. Access is not available to all online financial accounts. To read the MI terms and conditions for Egg Money Manager see the small print at Egg Cards are available (subject to status) to UK residents who have regular internet access and are aged 18 years and over. Egg Cards are issued by Egg Banking plc. Credit Card,