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Flexibell.net Car Insurance

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Flexibell.net Car Insurance Online Quote: Flexibell.net Car Insurance Online Quote

Flexibell.net (as the name suggests) is a flexible bell car insurance policy which enables you to add, mix and match the level of motor insurance cover you need.

Flexibell.net car insurance is a new way of customising and buying car insurance cover for your motor vehicle with extras that you really want, you do not get loaded with lots of options (most of which you wouldn't probably need) as standard.

Flexibell.net car insurance enables the motorist to be in charge of their car insurance policy by only choosing the options that the motorist really needs. In a way, it's a mix and match policy which enables you to add extras such as breakdown cover, legal cover, courtesy car, european car insurance cover, insurance to drive other cars and windscreen cover.

The legal cover, courtesy car, european car insurance cover, insurance to drive other cars and windscreen cover options are all included if you buy the bell car insurance policy.

Flexibell.net flexible, no-frills car insurance competes directly with Norwich Unions' SimpleCover which also lets the user to choose what they really require and what they do not require as well as having Bonus Accelerator for young drivers.

Flexibell.net Cover

Flexibell.net car insurance provides Comprehensive cover, Third Party Fire & Theft, Choice of excess, Choice of payment method, Protected No Claims Bonus option and Bonus Accelerator Policy.

Flexibell.net Review

The Flexibell.net car insurance site is very easy to use and also user friendly. You get quotes within a few minutes of filling their 3 stages. Those 3 stages are really easy to fill out as they are written in an easy to understand language. Once you filled in all your details you will be given a car insurance price quote. On the "Quote" stage of the flexibell.net car insurance quote you get to choose one of the two options. One for flexibell.net and one for bell.co.uk

NOTE: This is not the official flexibell website