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LV= car insurance offers you the flexibility to have the cover that suits you, the driver. Choose the car insurance cover you need from LV car insurance affordable optional extras to get the level of car insurance you want and see if LV car insurance can help you save money.

LV Car Insurance optional extras:

Temporary replacement car service from LV Car Insurance.

For a small additional premium you can take advantage of LV car insurance temporary replacement car service. LV car insurance will pay for a temporary replacement car while repairs to your car are being carried out by LV car insurance Selected Repairer Service, or for up to 14 days if your car is damaged beyond cost effective repair and cannot be driven or has been stolen and not recovered. LV car insurance will insure your temporary replacement car: you will only have to pay for the fuel. (The replacement car service from LV car insurance is not available on third party only policyholders).

Protected or Guaranteed No Claim Discount

If you have 4 or more years no claims, you can protect or guarantee your No Claims Discount subject to an additional charge. You can guarantee your No Claim Discount for the life of your LV Car Insurance policy, or if you choose to protect it, your No Claim Discount Entitlement will not be affected as long as no more than two claims have been made in the past 5 years. Whether it is with LV car insurance or any other UK car insurance company.

Cover for up to 180 days when travelling in EU countries, as standard when you buy car insurance from LV

All LV car insurance policies give the minimum compulsory car insurance cover required in the European Union (EU). However this would not cover loss or damage to your car for comprehensive or third party fire and theft LV car insurance policy holders.

For all LV car insurance policy holders including third party fire and theft the level of third party liability may not be as great as in the UK.

For a small additional premium, you can choose to extend this minimum cover to give the full benefits of this insurance when you are travelling in EU countries for up to 180 days in a row, including when your car is being transported.

Motor legal expenses provided by LV car insurance

For a small additional premim LV car insurance wil pay up to £100,000:

For your reasonable legal costs to defend motoring prosecution arising from an incident while you were using your car.

To pursue a civil claim for the recovery of losses due to an accident involving your car which results in your death or injury.

Personal Accident Cover up to £100,000

Personal Accident Cover from LV car insurance covers you, your husband / wife or civil partner if they suffer an injury while travelling in, or getting in or out of any car.

If the injury results in death, loss of sight or loss of limbs, LV standard comprehensive car insurance will pay £10,000. For a small additional premium you can increase this cover to £100,000.

This is only available if you are taking out a LV comprehensive car insurance cover.

Reasons to choose LV car insurance

Your LV car insurance benefits include:

* Online Discount available for new LV car insurance policies taken out online through

* Friendly and efficient 24-hour LV car insurance claim service.

* UK-based Call Centre.

LV Car Insurance review

The LV car insurance website is an easy to use website and you can get quotes online, at any time. All you have to do is to fill out one simple form with your details, and click the get car insurance quote button on the LV car insurance website. It is really that simple. When you buy your LV car insurance policy online you will get an extra online discount. You will always get the service you deserve from

The payment process on their site is very simple, all you have to do is insert your credit or debit card details and then you are instantly covered by the award winning LV car insurance policy.

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