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Aviva Car Insurance Online Quote: Aviva Car Insurance Online Quote

Save up to 15% discount when you buy your car insurance online with Aviva

Named drivers can earn their own no claims discount with Aviva

Aviva can guarantee your no claims discount no matter how many claims you make (additional option)*

* If you have 5 years no claims discount and have no at fault claims in the last 3 years you can guarantee this discount for the life of your policy, no matter how many claims you make. Policyholders and any additional drivers must be over the age of 21. £220 policy excess applies. Only available for comprehensive policies. Not available for open driving policies.


Buy your car insurance online from Aviva, choose the cover you need and save up to 15% off their competitive standard rates.


Aviva offer both comprehensive and third party, fire & theft cover. Get a quote today from the UK’s largest insurer.


Aviva – Get the Aviva Deal

Aviva can offer lower premiums for cohabitating couples, experienced drivers & people who drive less amongst many others. And it’s not just the prices that’ll please you as they also offer the following great benefits all with the added security of being covered by the UK’s largest insurance company:

- Named drivers earn their own No Claims Discount (NCD) with us - up to 70% discount

- Great deals for more experienced drivers

- Great deals for couples who live together

- Lower premiums for those who drive fewer miles

- Keep your NCD safe with our uninsured driver promise

- Multi-car motor insurance discounts


With Aviva if you stay claim-free for 5 years, your premium will be discounted by 70%. (No claims discount applies to the risk element of the premium only, and not to any optional covers or to the first £58.25, which covers administration costs.)


The Aviva ‘Uninsured Driver Promise’ means that if you’re hit by an uninsured driver and it wasn’t your fault you’re no claims discount won’t be lost – and you may be able to recover the cost of any excess you have had to pay. The promise applies to comprehensive policies where the driver of your car was not at fault for the accident.


With Aviva, when you name a driver on your policy, they can offer them their own no claims discount when they take out car insurance with Aviva in their own name. Insure a second car with Aviva and they’ll give you a 5% discount. And, when the time comes to renew the policy on your first car, Aviva will give you 5% off that one too.


Aviva offers a wide range of great product benefits as standard. Get a quote and buy online today and save up to 15%!


Benefits of Aviva Car Insurance;

- Buy your car insurance online from Aviva, choose the cover you need and save up to 15% off their competitive standard rates.

- Your no claims discount will be 70% if you haven’t made a claim for 5 years^.

- With their comprehensive insurance you’re immediately covered for accidental damage to your car (including windscreens).

- If you have an accident, Aviva get you moving again; they arrange for your car to be recovered to one of their nationwide network of approved repairers, and for you and your passengers to get home.

- Use one of their approved repairers, and you will get a 3-year guarantee on all repairs. You just pay for the excess on your claim.

- If you need to claim, Aviva make it as simple and straightforward as can be. Choose the cover that suits your lifestyle from Aviva’s excellent options:

1. Physio Fast – If you suffer whiplash or a soft-tissue neck injury as a result of a car accident, Physio Fast covers you and your passengers too. Medical research strongly suggests early diagnosis and treatment significantly increase your chances of making a full and speedy recovery. Physio Fast provides speedy referral to a fully qualified chartered physiotherapist in your area. Aviva can cover you for an initial consultation and up to 8 treatment sessions** (Optional with the comprehensive cover.)

2. Courtesy Car – In the event of an accident, Aviva keep you on the move. You will have access to Aviva’s vast network of approved repairers and a courtesy car will be provided for the duration of the repairs. (Optional)

3. Legal Cover – If you need to use it, this will provide assistance to recover uninsured losses, medical losses or damages for injury if you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault. (Optional)

4. Guaranteed No Claims Discount – If you have comprehensive car insurance with at least 5 years of no claims discount, and have had no ‘at fault’ claims in the last 3 years, Aviva can guarantee your maximum discount for the life of the policy, no matter how many claims you make(Optional)

Terms and Conditions

^ Does not apply to the administration costs or any optional covers that you might choose to include.

* The most Aviva will pay for each injured person is £400.

+ Policyholder and all additional drivers must be aged 21 or over. Have a minimum excess of £220 on your car insurance policy. Guaranteed No Claims Discount is not available for policies with open driving.

++ This only applies to vehicles that have had an accident in the UK or Northern Ireland.


Aviva provide a quality service, whatever level of cover you choose. Even their basic cover includes a 3-year guarantee on all repairs carried out by their repairer network. With Aviva Direct, you get flexible, comprehensive cover from a brand you can trust. They constantly monitor the marketplace and aim to give you a good deal. Aviva prides themselves on offering their customers excellent service, whatever policy they opt for.

If you need to make a claim, you won’t even need to fill in a form – you can simply call Aviva on their 24-hour helpline.


If you’re looking for competitive and flexible cover from a car insurance company you can trust, why not get yourself a quote direct from Aviva.

Aviva is dedicated to customer satisfaction. When you get a car insurance quote and decide to buy online, you will get up to 15% off their standard rates – but that’s not all. Aviva is committed to offering their customers great service and are committed to keeping you satisfied:

- If you make a claim, you won’t have to fill in any forms.

- Aviva will be available on the telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you to make a claim.

- Unlike some other car insurance companies, you won’t have to obtain any estimates for the work on your car if you’ve had a crash.

- Aviva’s specially-trained staff will make everything as hassle-free as possible. You can get your quote online now and you’ll receive up to 15% discount when you make your purchase online.


Aviva car insurance can offer you product benefits like Guaranteed No Claims Discount (optional), Child Car Seat Replacement and Multi-Product Discount. Visit their website today to find out more and get a quote. You can also save yourself up to 15% if you buy online.


Named driver discount

Aviva can give named drivers their own no claims discount when they insure with them.


Up to 15% online discount

Aviva can give you up to 15% discount on your car insurance when you buy online.


Aviva can offer you comprehensive and third party fire and theft car insurance. Aviva can also guarantee your no claims discount for the life of your policy, give your named drivers a discount when they take out their own policy with them, and they’ll give you up to 15% discount when you buy online. Insure a second car with Aviva and they’ll give you a 5% discount.