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Sainsbury's Car Insurance for all your family motoring needs


Sainsbury's Car Insurance Quote:
Sainsbury's Car Insurance Quote

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Buy Sainsbury's Car Insurance Online

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Sainsburys car insurance at a glance

Benefits of comprehensive car insurance from Sainsburys include:

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Great cover for your money... great benefits for all the family

Sainsburys car insurance gives you great cover at a competitive rate - and for the family motorist, it's a definitive winner. Just take a look at all the family-friendly features that are included as standard with Sainsburys competitive car insurance cover.

Like a courtesy car for instance, if your car is being repaired by one of Sainsburys car insurance recommended reparers after an insured accident. So you'll still be able to get yourself to work, and the children to and from school. For your little ones' safery, sainsburys car insurance will replace any child seats aften an accident, fire & theft, with new ones of equivalent quality, even if they don't look damaged.

Apply online today for Sainsburys car insurance and receuve a 10% new customer discount

Buying a sainsburys car insurance policy has never been easier, you will benefit from great cover, a competitive rate and if you are a new customer and apply online for sainsburys car insurance you'll receive a 10% discount

Sainsburys comprehensive car insurance cover includes lots of reasuring features for family driving

An overnight hotel stay for all of you (including teddy). If the car won't budge after an accident when you're away from home, sainsburys car insurance will pay up to £200 for accommodation for you and your passengers if an overnight stop is necessary. Terms and conditons apply.

Car-jack and road rage incidents are rare. Buy they do happen and if you fall victim, sainsburys car insurance will offer you up to £1,000 compensation. There's also access to sainsburys car insurance professional counsellingand support for you and any family members in the car with you. Terms and conditions apply.

Everyone's personal belongings are covered, too. Sainsburys car insurance even look after your Sainsbury's shopping in the car, up to £200 cover for any items you lose in an accident through fire or theft. Terms and conditions apply.

When Sainsburys car insurance say comprehesive cover they really mean it

Because with sainsburys car insurance comprehensive cover you also have access to:

If you need to claim, Sainsburys car insurance makes everything easy

You'll just need to call Sainsburys Car Insurance. Most claims are approved over the phone and in matter of minutes.

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Sainsburys car insurance is arranged by Esure car insurance

Sainsburys car insurance was voted best overall online provider in 2007 by Your Money Direct Awards.