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Website: Zurich.co.uk

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Zurich car insurance provides a range of car insurance cover choice tailored to suit your needs and your budget.
You could save up to 10% extra, if you buy your car insurance from Zurich online.

Zurich Comprehensive Car Insurance cover

Zurich car insurance offers the following types of car insurance cover:
Fully comprehensive which they refer it as "Solutions".
The fully comprehensive car insurance cover from Zurich offers valuable extra features that they do not charge for, but which other insurers do charge for.
Zurich car insurance offers you a courtesy car to keep you on the move after an accident, if you use one Zurich's approved repairers.
Zurich car insurance offers 24 hour breakdown cover assistance, so you are never out alone on the road.
Zurich car repairers guarantee meaning your car will be safe and confortable as before.
60 days complimentary cover for driving in the EU with Zurich car insurance
Lock replacement up to £350 if you lose your car keys or are stolen is another of the valuable extra that zurich car insurance offers as standard
£100,000 in legal expenses is another priceless feature that zurich insurance provides to their customers to recover any losses following an accident with an uninsured driver.
Some car insurance companies also charge for all these mentioned features, whereas with zurich car insurance these are all included as standard. This reflects on zurich car insurance Defaqto rating of 5 stars.
You could save up to £167 with Zurich comprehensive car insurance

Zurich Third party fire and theft car insurance cover

Zurich third party fire and theft is also offered by zurich car insurance.
Why pay extra for the cover that you don't really need? Zurich car insurance gives you the right level of cover for the right price. You could also take advantage of the 10% online discount when you buy your Zurich third party fire and theft car insurance policy online.

Zurich car insurance offers third party liability meaning your costs are covered if you are legally liable for injury or damange to another person or another persons' property.
Fire and theft cover is also included with Zurich car insurance third party fire and theft, in case your case if put on fire or stollen.
Zurich car insurance also offers to meet the costs of taking your car to the nearest repairer if your car has been damaged by fire or theft.